Occupational prurigo-asthma syndrome caused by exposure to flour allergens

R. Spiewak R1,2, A. Bozek2, K. Solarz3, T. Maslowski2, P.Z. Brewczynski2

1Institute of Agricultural Medicine, Lublin, Poland,
2Regional Outpatient Allergy Clinic, Katowice, Poland,
3Department of Medical Biology and Parasitology, Silesian Medical Academy, Katowice, Poland.

This is the author's translation of the article: Spiewak R, Bozek A, Solarz K, Maslowski T, Brewczynski PZ. Das berufsbedingte Prurigo-Asthma-Syndrom infolge Exposition gegen Mehlallergene. Allergologie 1995; 18 (3): 102-106.


Abstract: The case of a 43-year old female baker is presented, with atopic dermatitis and asthma caused by occupational exposure to flour. First symptoms were observed after the bakery had been reorganized and production changed from pastry to bread. The reorganization was connected with the change in the types of flour used and the change in supplier. The patient complained primarily of extensive itching eczema, but coughing and bronchoconstriction caused by exposure to flour were also parts of the clinical picture. The cause of the disorders described was the immediate-type allergic reaction.

Key words: prurigo-asthma syndrome, occupational skin diseases, occupational respiratory diseases, occupational exposure, flour, house dust mites, storage mites, bakery.

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