Abstract 1998-1
Spiewak R, Brewczynski PZ.
Rhinomanometrically controlled nasal provocation test: a comparison of results using this method in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis and in healthy volunteers.
Med Sci Monit 1998; 4 (1): 112-116.


The aim of the study was to assess the clinical application of the rhinomanometrically controlled nasal provocation tests using allergens according to guidelines given by the German Working Group "Nasal and Bronchial Provocation Tests" in 1990. The study was performed on 24 patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis and 17 patients who were non-allergic volunteers. The results of this method were confronted with a complex allergologic diagnosis based on anamnesis, clinical examination, skin tests and serum IgE. Only a small difference in responses between allergic patients and non-allergic volunteers was observed. The results acquired suggest that the rhinomanometrically controlled nasal provocations with allergens should be used with great care.

KEY WORDS: diagnostic methods, anterior active rhinomanometry, rhinomanometricatly controlled nasal provocation test, seasonal allergic rhinitis, healthy volunteers.

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